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Monday, June 27, 2011

Beach Bums...

The other day the boys and I headed to the beach. Apparently the sun did not get the invite! It was a little chilly, but good thing mom brought the sweatshirts. I was very proud of myself for actually making it to the sand. I had the diaper bag, my beach chair, Stetson in the bjorn, and carried Reddek. Go me!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mode of Transportation....

So, since the boys a have been getting bigger and more active, it has been harder to carry them both when simply visiting a neighbor, getting the mail, or going outside to enjoy the weather. Things that i don't want to put them in their car seats and stroller for.

Here's what I have been doing......

I pick one of the boys up, then bend down and try and shimmy my arm underneath #2. Quickly pick him up and turn him so that he's situated. I'm getting good at this.

Exiting the Apartment: Next, I try and grab my keys and twist the door knob to open the door. (A lot of back bending is used for this maneuver.) Once outside the apartment, I have to use my foot to try and close the door...whilst moving my body out of the way as to not hit the door as it closed. The door looses momentum and won't shut if this happens and then I have to start over. Ha!

Then to the elevator: Pushing the button on the outside of the elevator has been easy...since it's at hands level. However then I must enter the elevator and these buttons are well....more difficult. So I lean against the elevator for leverage, then left my elbow...while hoisting one of the boys up. With my elbow I would quickly jab at the button for the desired floor until it would iluminate. Sometimes a little hop is needed....depending on how the boys are situated. This is always quite comical.

Then it is off to our destitnation....where instead of knocking on my friends door....I kick! So they must know it's me by the sound of the thud. At this point I realize that I am sweating.....gross. Someone then takes a child out of arms and off we go!
......That is until the process begins all over again to go home. One difference.....I have to unlock my door. Which is a another blog post altogether! Ha!

So.....My friend Emily had an ingenious idea the other day. Wait for it......

Yep! A laundry basket. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

Now we are cruzing in style. I am waiting for "pimp my ride" to call and offer to jazz up their new wheels. We took it for a spin the other day around the complex....they loved it. I figure that I am just preparing them for the rides at disneyland. So if you hear the words to "Its a Small World" in the halls....the Olson boys are out for a joy ride!!!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Boys' Room....

I realized that I never posted pictures of the boys' room. Here it is....

Even though the boys are identical twins, I want them to be I wanted the saying "be an original" up on the wall. Thanks... to my darling friend Erica for helping me with all the vinyl.

I wanted to have their bedding be the same, but slightly I went with same pattern different colors. Because I was SO pregnant and on bed rest, I wasn't able to make the bedding....enter mom. My cute mom stepped in and offered to sew away. Thank you mom! I LOVE how the bed skirt turned out.

I came up with this idea that I wanted to make a list of all the different definitions and sayings associated with the word "twin" these ones were our favorite and up on the wall they went. (again, thank you erica for the help)

The room turned out just the way I wanted it!

My (talented) friend Ashley knocked on my door before the boys were born and told me that she had a surprise for me....that she had found some fabric for quilts that she wanted to make for the boys. It was Volkswagen buses, my favorite!!! She proceeded to make two of the hippest quilts for Stetson and Reddek. Thanks so much Ash!

Here's a full view of it....

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

4 months

These little guys are not so little anymore....they are four months old! My hands sure are full, but I get double the smiles and giggles.

Sir Stetson:

Weighed in at 14 lbs.
Length 24 1/2 inches

- He gives coy smiles. Lots of them!
- Loves playing under his activity mat.
- Is grabbing his toes and rocking from side to side when he's on the floor.
- Blowing lots of bubbles.
- Stetson enjoys being on his stomach...he's really starting to push up fun to watch.
- He can always be found with his fist in his mouth or his blanket.
- Enjoys baby Einstein's...laughs hysterically at certain parts and pumps his arms up and down in excitement.
- He's a snuggler. Loves morning snuggles in mom and dad's bed!
- Still enjoys his bath. He lounges in his bath chair....soaking it all up! (and still pees on his brother!)
- Starting to hold objects in his hand and put them in his mouth.
- He STARES at Reddek when they are laying next to each other....and reaches out to touch him. SO CUTE!
- Starting to sit in his bumbo.
- Stetson sweetly stares at you like he knows all about you!

Mr. Reddek

Weighed in at 13 lbs.
Length 23 1/2 inches

- He is a jokester. Smiles at you.....but really he's laughing at you.
- Does this who-who sound ALL DAY cute.
- Has started sucking in his bottom lip.
- LOVES to be held above your head like an airplane.
- Enjoys baby Einstein's as well....but prefers it when his brother is next to him.
- Reddek wimpers if Stetson is having a bad time and is crying....SO SWEET.
- He LOVES his bath still....scooches all the way down until his whole body is in the water. He also loves to kick and splash.
- Can usually be found with a silly smile on his face.
- Sneezes twice WHENEVER we take him outside.
- Grabs his toes and was even found with them in his mouth the other day.
- Blowing bubbles.
- Rolled over twice the other day from belly to back.
- Mr. Reddek likes to talk....he coos all day long.
- I think he's a bit afraid of the giraffe on the activity mat. He kinda screams at him when his under him....this is a new one!
- This Mr. is a stander....wants to be walking. He bounces up and down on you when you hold him.
- Starting to sit in his bumbo!

Twin Stuff:
- They really started to be aware of each other this month. They stare at each other. They watch each other. They reach out and make contact. It has been really sweet to watch. I hope that they are best buds. I hope they grow up playing well together....that would make things nice as far as them entertaining each other.
- I have had to move them farther apart when they play on the floor....mainly because they are rolling back and forth and end up rolling into each other or kicking each other in the head. ha! In fact, I think they might have almost rolled over once or twice but couldn't because the other one was in the way!
- They are so talkative and smiley....but i have yet to capture it on camera. It seems that whenever I pull out a recording device or phone they decide to be quiet! So frustrating!!! Those little stinkers!
- I find them in the same poses a lot. Especially when they sleep. Pretty cool!
- The Dr. okayed them to start rice we are going to start that here pretty soon. I did it once the other day but i waited a little too long into feeding time and they were screaming for their bottles. We'll attempt again later!

Twin Story:
My mom was holding Reddek and Chris was holding Stetson and I was in the middle. Reddek would make a goofy noise and I would interact with him.....then Stetson all of a sudden would start trying to get my attention so i would look and play with him. As soon as I turned to Stetson, Reddek would start again. It was hilarious! they were competing for my attention!!!