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Monday, May 17, 2010

THE BIG 3-0!!!

Yes, yes it's a reality....I turned 30 last week. I have to admit that I was dragging my feet at the thought of leaving my twenties behind. They were good to me.


Graduated from college.
Enjoyed a great dance career.
Received my master's degree.
Became Mrs. Jenny Olson.
Moved to three different states.
Created several new works of choreography.
Traveled for work and pleasure.
Became a Trojan fan 'cause my hubby started USC dental school.
and Bought a Disneyland Pass. (Disneyland is not just for kids ya-know!)

Yes. My twenties treated me well. But, I'm excited for this new chapter. This new Decade. Thirties here I come!

Birthday festivities started out with Chris making me breakfast. Really good pancakes. Who knew Chris was an iron chef?
I share a birthday with a classmate of Chris' so we headed to their house Friday evening for a "Minute-to-win-it" Game Night. Hilarious! Then on Saturday my darling friends Shannon and Matt, along with Chris, threw me a big birthday bash! Including...

Banners (sweet notes everyone!...thanks for doing that Shannon)
Cake (thank you Kayla!)
Potato Sack Races
Four Legged Races
Balloon Toss (which turned into a water fight, naturally!)
and a Pinata!

What fun!

Thank you everyone for sending me into my thirties having a blast! Thank you Shannon and Matt for all that you did! And thank you Chris for making this a special occasion for me!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Just wanted to say Happy Mother's Day to the sweet mothers in my life. Hope you have a wonderful day. Thank you for the influence you are in my life. I love you all so very much.

(Mom and Becky: my sis-in-law)

(Angie: My sis)

(Kathy: my mom-in-law)

(Kira: my sis-in law)

And a shout out to "future mother's"!

(me and Angela: my sis-in-law)