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Saturday, November 8, 2008


My sister-in-law had recently painted her bedroom and bathroom. She wanted it to look very shabby chic, so we spent the day yesterday decorating away. It was so much fun! We used new, old, and even went crazy painting and distressing items she already had. We were very pleased with how it turned out!

Don't mind the pictures in this one....we hadn't changed them out for the real ones yet before this picture was taken!

Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you Kira to decorate a house! Fun day!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


I just wanted to post a little blog to Chris. I want to say how grateful I am for a hard-working hubby! A little over a year and half ago, we decided to make a career change and apply for dental school. Chris has worked so hard to finish all of the pre-recs, take the D.A.T, and go through the whole application process. He has been gone this weekend for one of the several interviews that he has been extended, and I am so excited for him! Oh! He just text me and told me that his airplane as landed..... So, I am off to pick him up. Love you lots babe!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

SUMMER 2008 FLASHBACK... I admit, I am not the best blogger.   With the semi-cold weather upon us, we can officially say that it is fall.....however, I can't start blogging about fall adventures yet when I haven't blogged about summer ones.   So this is my flashback to summer.  

Our summer started off in Cancun with the Olson's. (I did blog about this trip already, but if we are doing a proper flashback of summer I have to start off with this one!) 

Bawden Family Reunion 2008

My mom's family from Scotland came over this summer. It was so nice to see had been too long. What did we do while they were here?......You will see by the next several photos that the real question is....what DIDN'T we do?!


Next stop DISNEYLAND. No summer is complete in my family without a stop to the happiest place on earth!

What kind of tour guides would we be if we didn't take our out-of-towners to HOLLYWOOD.... (A few of our stops included the Chinese Theatre, Hollywood Homes, and the Kodak Theatre)

After those few jam-packed days, we need needed a little rest time. We all stayed at my brother and sister-in-law's house (thank you Becky and Scott). We had slumber parties, swam, tried extreme sports, and enjoyed the fireworks (it was the 4th of July). Good times!

Our last theme park stop was SEA WORLD. It still amazes me everytime that they can train these animals to do what they do!

A fun vacation would not be complete without a trip to the BOWLING ALLEY. I am still trying to convince my brother that bowling is fun....don't think he'll ever succomb!

Did I mention that all of this was done while riding in a 15-passenger van?

Very fun family reunion. Thanks mom and dad....sure love you guys!

D-BACKS BABY! Our office went to a Diamondbacks game for a little out-of-the office fun time. This thank you goes out to our Doctors...thank you!

Kathy's B-Day...We celebrated my mother-in-law's birthday with a fun breakfast!

Last but not summer flashback would not be complete without mentioning my new hobby of sewing! My mom works at the cutest sewing store and got a gorgeous new sewing machine. We have been doing fun projects all summer! Thanks mom!

And that is what we have been up to this summer. P.S....I can't believe that it is October already. Where has the year gone!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Los Chapines

Well, Jenny tells me that I need to participate in our blogging so I thought I would show some pictures from my recent trip to Guatemala. Eric Harris was kind enough to take me to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala (where I served my mission) to participate in a medical mission. We worked in conjunction with the medical school in Xela (the mayan name for Quetzaltenango). We worked from Monday through Friday and we were able to have a day to hang-out and explore in Antigua, a beautiful city near the capital of Guatemala.

The picture above is of one the many volcanos in Guatemala. I lived at the base of it for 6 months during my mission. One of the beautiful things about Guatemala is the drastic change in scenery due to the elevation changes. Xela sits around 9,000 ft. and is filled with pine trees, yet the coast looks tropical just like you would assume. This second picture is of the same volcano from the costal side

This next image shows the people of San Francisco El Alto lined up  to be treated. San Francisco El Alto is a small town about 45min. from where we were staying in Xela, and sits at the top of a mountain. You'll notice the "tipica" clothing the women are wearing. Most of the people in this town survive by making this clothing themselves and selling it at the local market.

This is the group of volunteers from the states with a few of the patients.

Yes, in case you are wondering....that's me and that is a tooth in my hand.  Oh, and yep I was the one pulling it too.  Ssshhhh....don't tell her that it was my first time. It went well, I mean, the tooth did come out.  Actually, Eric and Kevin taught me a lot about dentistry and allowed me to participate when it was appropriate.  

These next two pictures will most likely not make any sense to you unless you have done this yourself.  Most of you probably don't know what "Jowlers" are or perhaps as Eric says, "Shaky Face!!!"  I know you are going to go and try this after you see it so please make sure to put at least one photo on your blog of yourself looking as stupid if not more stupid than I do.  This is how it works... loosen your face up and then shake it as fast as you can and then take a picture. This is how we entertained ourselves in Guatemala, after our work was done of course!

Friday, June 20, 2008

La Fiesta en Cancun!

we went to cancun on a family trip with the olson's....what a blast! it was a much needed vacation for chris and me. we stayed in an all enclusive resort that was absolutely gorgeous. for those of you who know about our honeymoon....i am happy to say that on this trip i did not have to get an IV, i did not get stung by a jelly-fish, and i finally was able to drink pina coladas on a beautiful white sandy beach! woo-hoo! while we were visiting the ruins at Chitza Nitza, i experienced my first tropical rainstorm. HOLY COW.....the rain came down and it came down hard. we were able to get one hour of sunshine in which we basically ran from ruin to ruin taking pics and quickly taking in how amazing they were! the myans know how to build! we also went to a beautiful reserve area for snorkeling. i swam among a school of HUGE tropical fish and chris saw a stingray....i have to say that freaked me out a little! the rest of our time was spent enjoying the activities that our hotel offered including sailing and kayaking. we played in the pool, walked along the beach, and had one great time! thanks kathy and ken!