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Sunday, October 18, 2009


We had family in town this week for some California-style fun!!! Kira's kids were on Fall Break and Chance and Angela wanted to escape the cool weather of everyone jumped on planes and came out for a little visit! It was cozy in our apartment, but the more the merrier!

Kira and I headed to Disneyland on Thursday.....always a great choice. We had a blast! Emery couldn't get enough of the "fast train" ride (Big Thunder), we loved Buzz Lightyear, and got sick on the tea-cups! Chris joined us a little later in the afternoon for a couple hours (on a break from studying for mid-terms). Kira and I finished the night with a little Splash Mountain and fireworks. The kids did great....a fun time was had by all : )

We hit the beach on Saturday. Emmet played in the sand ALL day and Emery couldn't get enough of the waves....I think we jumped waves for a good solid hour at one point : )

And of course, what would a trip to California be without a trip to Wahoo's!!!

Such a fun weekend everyone!!! It went by WAY to fast!!! Thanks for coming....visit again soon!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


My heart is full today. I have had one of those days, where......I'm involved in the normal/insignificant/routine activities of my day and then suddenly something makes me pause............ and I soon find that I have a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. I am so grateful for the countless blessing that I have in my life. I have so many. Today........ I am simply grateful.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Chris has this contraption best known as "the human sling-shot". This lycra toy has traveled with us from Milwaukee, to Arizona, and now to sunny California. The other day, Chris brought it out to one of our outings at the track. He knew that our new friends would be willing to try it out!

You stretch this baby out as far as it will go.....and you criss cross paths until the "unlucky" someone is forced to the ground.

Here's Matt and Shannon testing it out....

Chris explaining the directions.....

And off they go.....

The end result!!!

Shannon and I enjoying the show : )