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Friday, June 20, 2008

La Fiesta en Cancun!

we went to cancun on a family trip with the olson's....what a blast! it was a much needed vacation for chris and me. we stayed in an all enclusive resort that was absolutely gorgeous. for those of you who know about our honeymoon....i am happy to say that on this trip i did not have to get an IV, i did not get stung by a jelly-fish, and i finally was able to drink pina coladas on a beautiful white sandy beach! woo-hoo! while we were visiting the ruins at Chitza Nitza, i experienced my first tropical rainstorm. HOLY COW.....the rain came down and it came down hard. we were able to get one hour of sunshine in which we basically ran from ruin to ruin taking pics and quickly taking in how amazing they were! the myans know how to build! we also went to a beautiful reserve area for snorkeling. i swam among a school of HUGE tropical fish and chris saw a stingray....i have to say that freaked me out a little! the rest of our time was spent enjoying the activities that our hotel offered including sailing and kayaking. we played in the pool, walked along the beach, and had one great time! thanks kathy and ken!