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Saturday, October 20, 2007


Don't I look Oh-so-cute in my new work's casual day for me every day! SCRUBS baby!

I started working in a dental office last month. It has been a new adventure in my life! Chris is back in school now at ASU, preparing to take the D.A.T. next I wanted something a little more full time that allowed me to be home in the evenings. I still teach ballet once a week, and I am involved in doing choreography for the Nutcracker as well. My new job and ballet are..... how should I say it?......Keeping my ON MY TOES!!!! Pun definitely intended!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Chris was diagnosed with Cancer........

It has been a bit of a scary time for Chris and me. Last week Chris was diagnosed with Melanoma Cancer. We had noticed a strange growth on his we sent him to the Doc and sure enough it turned out to be bad news. He had surgery last Tuesday to remove it, and the good news is they got it all! As you can see from the pictures, he has some major battle wounds. I got a call on Wednesday from Chris while he was on campus at school and he told me that his shadow looked like Princess Leya (because of the huge bandage on his ear!). He has been so amazing about the whole positive and optimistic. I love Chris so much, and I am impressed by him each and every day. He is such a strength in my life! I feel so lucky!

I am also so grateful for family and friends who always offer their support! Thanks to Chris' mom who lengthened her trip to AZ and helped us out during this whole process. We sure love you!