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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I know this is a random post, but I'm just excited. I teach a dance/aerobics class, and when I took over the class there was about 6-8 people in it.....tonight there was 26! It has been growing and growing, and it makes it that much more fun to teach it. We have a good time!

Monday, April 5, 2010


In December, I was asked by a former student of mine to be his coach/choreographer for the Youth America Grand Prix competition. The semi-finals were in February in Los Angeles, and his scores qualified him to attend worlds which were held in New York City last week. I had the amazing opportunity to spend a week in the Big Apple, and it was an incredible experience. It was so inspiring to watch these young dancers perform and compete....talented young people from all over the world (China, Israel, Italy, Mexico, name just a few!) These young people have dedicated so much time and energy into this art and it was so incredible to watch them work in class, try and communicate with each other with language barriers, and execute their variations on stage. And on top of the dancing....I then found myself in one of the greatest cities; with endless options of sites, museums, and shows.......where to go first, what to see??? All I can say is...... What a week!

I tried to capture the here goes:

Our hotel was right on Central Park South....location, location, location! It was perfect! We were close to everything, and I even went on morning walks through central park : )

Our first full day in NYC, Eric had a higher education scholarship class at Julliard (talk about an amazing facility!).

The studio had floor to ceiling windows....check out the view......that's right?....the studio looked out to the LDS Temple!

Later this same evening, Eric had his first round of competition. He performed the contemporary piece that I choreographed and danced it better than I had ever seen him do it.

This was a hoot! These are some instructions for the several languages! hahaha!

On the way home we stopped by the Metropolitan Opera House which is where American Ballet Theatre performs. Of course we had to strike some dance poses!


Museum of Modern Art

One morning we hit the MOMA. There was Tim Burton exhibit that was phenomenal. I wish I could have taken some pictures of it, but no photographs were allowed....I like several of his movies, but I have a whole new love for him after seeing his many talents!

Van Gogh - Starry Night

Andy Warhol

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The MET was definitely a checkmark I was dying to make on my checklist of things to do in NYC. I REALLY wanted to see the costume institute, but sadly it was closed for some renovations : ( Huge bummer. BUT come's the MET....the 19th/early20th century wing was calling me.....I could have been in that section alone for a whole day. Actually, we had to break the MET up into two mornings because of our dance schedule AND there was just too much to see......and even with doing that, we didn't even touch the surface! INCREDIBLE!

Early Prada! ha! Theses are toe covers!

I thought this was a classic picture....Eric had his iPod in listening to his competition piece (always practicing!), and I found him doing a tendu (ballet step) in front of this painting!

I have such a love for Rodin's sculptures. While I was doing my Masters at the U, I had the opportunity to do a beautiful partnering piece inspired by one of his sculptures.

And there she is.....Degas' 14 year old dancer. When Degas' bronze sculptures were on national tour, I had the opportunity to dance in the gala unveiling at the Phoenix Art Museum....and my inspiration for my choreography was this piece by Degas.

Like I said, I could have been in this section for a whole day.......


In between dance stuff, we would take advantage of the amazing sites to see in are a few of them.

Times Square

A Broadway Musical. We went to see Mary Poppins. Oh my goodness....this was spectacular. The sets were amazing, fun dance numbers, and there was even tap dancing on the ceiling!!! I highly recommend this show!

Our hotel was across the street from Carnagie Hall....shout out to my dad!

Coaches were not allowed into one of the classes, so I went for a little stroll. I walked around Columbus can see the entrance to Central Park in the very back....and made my way to Lincoln Center to get another picture of the LDS Temple.

LDS Temple


What would a trip to NYC be without a visit the Empire State Building. I loved being at the top because as busy, crazy, and noisy as New York is....when you get up to the top it is so peaceful. What a view. What a city!

I am a huge fan of Project Runway, so here I am posing in front of Bryant Park baby!

Grand Central Station

Ground Zero. This was a very humbling place to visit. It brought back the memories of that day; where I was, what I was doing....I can remember the whole world pausing and being brought together in love, support, worry, fear, bravery, etc.... It was indescribable to look at the skyline and imagine that two huge towers use to stand.....right here.


Each day, Eric would have a class at the New York City Center. All the kids would line up out here and wait to go inside. The studios were gorgeous!

This was inside the Skirball Center for the Performing Arts. This is were round one of the competition took place.

Eric performed Don Q for his classical solo. He did great....everything was technically right on, he was solid, no mistakes....way to go Eric!!!


This was us, the last evening, at the Awards Ceremony and the Final Gala Performance. I am so proud of Eric and how he handle himself throughout the whole competition. His performances were great, he pushed himself in classes, and most importantly he was a gracious competitor....constantly interacting with the other dancers, trying to speak to them through their broken English, and he even broke out his high school Spanish and used it to speak to those from Spanish-speaking countries!!!! It was a great, great, experience!

The judges were artistic directors and teachers from companies and schools all over the world.