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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Birthday and Farewell Grad Party....

So I celebrated my birthday last weekend and it was a lot of fun. I LOVE birthdays because it's your day. Growing up my mom and dad always made special occasions, well....very special. They always made them fun and memorable. The little stuff was a BIG DEAL....and I love that.

So here's how I spent the day.....First off, some of the ladies took me to breakfast at the corner bakery...yum! Thanks girlies. It was DElish! Then my hubby took me to lunch with the boys. We had a nice time....sat outside and enjoyed the perfect cali weather. I opened some presents! Thank you all.....very thoughtful wonderful gifts! Then that night, we had a party for all the peps around here who are graduating. Fun Fun Par-tay!

Great day! Wouldn't have changed a thing!

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Chris and Paige Evans said...

Happy belated birthday Jenny! I still remember your party from last year - one of the funnest I've ever been to as an adult! You amaze me in every way every day!