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Thursday, March 1, 2012

13 months

So these cute boys are already 13 months. I haven't done a stats post in forever, and I really LOVE them because I like looking back and seeing how they've changed. I would still like to do this...oh....every 6 months if I could. But life does take over so I won't hold my breath!!!


- He is SO expressive. His facial expressions are amazing! They make me smile SO much. Especially when he raises his eyebrows and scrunches his forhead, looks straight at me, and says "ball". Cutest thing!
- He can always be found with a ball in his hand. Always. And then he points it towards me and says "da ball".
- He shoots baskets all day long.
- Stetson is my little stealer. He steals Reddek's toys from him all day. I am working on it. It's a process.
- When I tell Stetson to "come here", he comes running with his arms out. Big smile on his face as well.
- Says ball, dadda, momma. And ne-ne-ne....its when he wants something. He points at it and says it.
- Has 8 teeth.
- Loves to eat bananas, beans, cheese, oatmeal, corn, chicken nuggies, pancakes, cherrios, gold fish, nila wafers....just to name a few favorites.
- Been walking since Christmas. Now we are trying to run everywhere.
- Stetson is my figure-outer. He sits with a toy/phone/remote etc...and really tries to figure it out.


- His such a goofster. He still makes his fun cooing noise. But now he mimics ANY sound that we make. And laughs at himself.
- Reddek always seems to be laughing at us. Not WITH us AT us.
- Reddek is ALWAYS on the move. Literally running everywhere he goes.
- Loves balls.
- Reddek's favorite toy is this tractor that we have. He likes to push it around. And he loves to attack this stuffed animal dog that a friend gave us.
- He likes to dance. He bounces up and down to the beat of the music.
- Reddek is my snuggler. He loves to give kisses.
- Has 8 teeth and molars on the way.
- Loves to eat bananas, turkey, cheese, meat, oatmeal, jello, goldfish, cherrios, peas, chicken nuggies, pancakes, corn, beans, and yogurt....just to name a few.
- He is a happy kid.
- Reddek is always kneeling. Has been since he could crawl. He poses on one knee all the time. And now stands up from that position. Never used his hands to get to a standing position.


- I can finally can say that Stetson and Reddek are sleeping through the night. Finally. It took a year, but it is fabulous.
- However...6am is our waking time. NO MATTER WHAT TIME I PUT THEM TO BED!!
- Both of them love escaping into the hall. Whenever the door opens, even the slightest, they are OUT! Smiles on their faces, screaming down the hall.
- They LOVE when dad comes home. Run right over for their hugs.
- They both love the toilet paper roll. I can always tell when they have been there.....long toilet paper trails down the hall.
- They really play with each other now. When I am working around the house, I can hear laughing and squealing. Too cute.
- They enjoy their morning walk with mom in their stroller.
- They both LOVE their treat holders.
- Each morning, while taking a bottle, they sit in front of the TV and watch a show. Usually Chuggington.
- They are best buds and I love them to pieces!!!!


Chris and Paige Evans said...

I can totally picture them trying to make a break for it every time the door opens. Such cute boys!

Matt and Telicia Webb said...

Oh my gosh Jenny they are so cute! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the "Uno" birthday party idea! That is so cute! Those two boys are just so precious! I cannot believe they are 13 months old!!!

Leslie said...

Your boys are so cute, Jenny! I'm sure you have your hands full but you seem to be enjoying it anyway! :)

Shannon Allen said...

You did some blog updates! Oh my goodness those boys are so darling and you must be one busy lady! We need to see you soon because I miss you!