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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

5 Months....

Stetson and Reddek are 5 months old.


- Stetson is so sweet. His smile is to die for!
- He is rolling from back to belly now. In fact, I left the room the other day and he had rolled all the way under the table in our front room.
- He'll lay on his back and scooch places.
- He's been eating rice cereal and LOVES it! Can't get enough of it....and I get a kick out of his little tongue flailing about trying to find the spoon.
- Stetson loves to watch his brother.
- His favorite part of the day is when daddy comes home. He can't take his off of Chris. Just stares at him....and smiles at anything he says or does.
- Stetson is calmed by going outside. We sit out front on the steps and he just soaks it up.
- He doesn't like his shirt being pulled over his head at night when we are getting ready for bed....that seems to be the only time he doesn't like it.
- He turns 180 degrees in his crib. We'll put him in one way and find him a different way when we get him in the morning.
- Stetson is really starting to play with his rattles and small toys. He'll look them over and examine them....then straight to the mouth they go!
- When we feed him his bottles, he grabs the collar of his shirt and pulls it the whole time.

- Everything goes in Reddek's mouth....especially his shirt. As soon as I get him ready.....shirt enters mouth!
- He has started this LOUD talking thing. It sounds like a scream, but he's not mad....just talking. Very funny!
- He rolls from belly to back....but really doesn't care about rolling from back to belly. Haha!
- Reddek LOVES when Chris comes home. As soon as he hears his voice he starts looking of him. When he finally sees him, he starts laughing....talking....and smiling so big.
- He can always be found smiling with his tongue out! He is such a goofster!
- He flails his arms....and usually smacks Stetson in the process.
- LOVES his rice cereal. Messy...but loves it!
- Reddek loves his toes. Usually in the mouth.
- He is turning into a champ sleeper. 7pm-6:30...keep it up buddy!
- Reddek loves being outside. Sneezes 2 times every time the sun hits him for the first time.
- He is so curious. We laugh and tell him to blink because I swear he gets to pre-occupied with discovering new things around him that he forgets to blink!


- They are starting to really respond to each other. Watching each other. Smiling at each other. Laughing. They hold hands alot. The other day Reddek had Stetson's toes in his mouth. They are funny together.
- When we are in the car, if they are screaming, I turn on Jack Johnson and they are instantly calmed. It is hilarious.
- We have gone to the zoo and the beach, the arboretum, and several other places.
- They still love their baths and are kicking and splashing a lot more.
- They enjoy visiting other apartments in our building. Must be the change of scenery.

I am starting to finally feel like I can get out and about with these little guys. The thought of it doesn't seem quite as overwhelming. We've done quite a few outings together this past month. Go us!!! It is a team effort.


Leyla and Cody said...

Jenny! Your little men are growing up so fast! They are so cute!!!!

Shanell Farr said...

way to go jenny! good job going on outings by yourself! That's huge! miss you guys! they're getting too big!

Heidi said...

Jenny, they are seriously adorable. I would love to see you in action :)

Kristen said...

So cute!!!

Shannon Allen said...

Those boys just keep getting more darling! We need to see them soon!